פעילי זכויות אדם בישראל ובעולם מוקיעים שפים בינלאומיים המשתתפים בפסטיבל שולחנות 'אפרטהייד' עגולים בתל אביב


הודעה לתקשורת -7 בנובמבר 2016

(ENGLISH - Campaigners, including Boycott from Within, denounce international chefs part

Israeli Citizens in Support of Norwegian Artists’ National Apology Video


In recent days, a group of Norwegian artists have masterfully used their art to express their disapproval of your continued collaboration with Habima and the attempts to silence their criticism on this matter. We share this sentiment, and would like to take the opportunity to publically thank them from the bottom of our hearts. They have raised this important issue and brought it to the front page news on almost every media outlet here in Israel-Palestine and in Norway!

Habima, in its role as the national theatre, heavily cooperates with the Israeli Foreign Ministry in the role of “cultural ambassadors” for the State - it uses the means of theatre as a tool for state propaganda which is aimed at whitewashing Israeli war crimes and violations of international law. Habima also regularly performs in exclusively-Jewish illegal settlements in the occupied West Bank, which has also taken place during the time of your collaboration, and which happens to be in violation of the understanding that was reached between the parties.


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