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Dear Julien Clerc, We are Israeli citizens, We would like to ask you not to perform in Tel Aviv

Dear Julien Clerc,

We are Israeli citizens, active against our government's policies of
racism, occupation and apartheid.

We know and love your music, and we admire your efforts for the promotion
of human rights principles, especially as a goodwill ambassador for the
United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR). W
e would like to ask you not to perform in Tel Aviv for now. Please postpone
your concert to a time when our democracy is respected by our government.

Gaza and MV Rachel Corrie Need Your Backing Now!

 June 4, 2010

We are Israeli citizens and residents, Palestinians and Jews. We work in our society to raise the voices of conscience and dissent in light of the hostility, self-righteousness and racism which dominate it, but these efforts are not sufficient. In the wake of our government's deadly attack on the Free Gaza aid ships, including the MV Marmara, and due to the continued cruel and illegitimate Israeli siege on the Gaza strip - we call on the world's governments and civil society organizations to take concrete and immediate steps in pressuring Israel to refrain from interfering with the ship MV Rachel Corrie, currently on route to Gaza, or any future vessel, sailing from international waters to the waters of the besieged Gaza strip.

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