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An Open Letter to the Pixies


March 1, 2010
Dear Pixies,
We are a group of Israeli human rights activists. We heard through the media that you are planning a concert in Israel in June. As much as some of us are huge fans and would love to hear your show, we won't cross the international picket line that is growing in numbers steadily nowadays to come and see you.

Frequently Asked Questions



These frequently asked questions and answers have been compiled by quite a few members of the group but need not represent the views of all the members of the group. Any disagreements or reservations should be sent to the moderator and will be posted as messages written by specific individuals, unless otherwise specified.
(1) What is BDS?

Dear Prof. Jessica Benjamin,

We, the undersigned, Jewish and Palestinian citizens of Israel, heard with great dismay about your plan to visit Israel and give talks in Israeli Universities. Being familiar with your engagement in the feminist movement and with your feminist critique of power relations, we urge you to reconsider your visit and cancel your planned lectures in Israeli institutions.

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