From Israeli citizens - Asociación Uruguaya de Fútbol, please do not legitimize Israel's apartheid

July 2022

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We are a group of Israeli citizens, who are active to end Israel's occupation, colonialism and apartheid against the Palestinian people.
We have learned that you have accepted an invitation by the State of Israel to make the final preparations for the World Cup in November in Israel, and to play a friendly match between Uruguay's national football team and Israel's national team, also in Israel.
We believe that such a trip will make the Asociación Uruguaya de Fútbol (AUF) complicit in Israeli crimes. We call on you to respect a broad call by Palestinian athletes, Palestinian civil society and human rights activists across the world and cancel your trip.
Israel is waging war on football and sports in Palestine: Palestinian footballers have been detained, maimed for life, and even killed. Palestinian stadiums have been bombed. Palestinian teams and players have been refused permission to travel to play matches abroad. 
Furthermore, the Israeli government uses international sports events, such your scheduled trip, to promote Israel as a cool, democratic haven. This is done to fend off criticism of Israel's appalling violations of Palestinian human rights and international law.
You may know that in recent years there has been a growing consensus among relevant human rights organizations  - Israeli, Palestinian and international, including Human Rights Watch, Amnesty International and B'tselem - as well as UN bodies and experts, that Israel imposes a cruel regime of apartheid against the Palestinian people. 
As the international community imposed sanctions, including a sports boycott, on South African apartheid until it came to an end, we ask you to heed the call to isolate and sanction Israel for its cruel policies, which have been practiced for more than seven decades.
Playing or training in Israel at this time amounts to a message of approval for its aforementioned crimes, including the crime of apartheid. Please cancel your trip to Israel.
We will gladly address any questions or comments.    
Boycott from Within (Israeli citizens for BDS)