Israeli vegans to Tel Aviv Healthy Vegan Conference speakers: Please cancel your participation


October 2019

Dear participants of Tel Aviv Healthy Vegan Conference; 

Michael Klaper, Nimai Delgado, Bruce Friedrich, Loren Lockman, Bianca Taylor, and Kelly Witwicki,
We are Israeli vegan supporters of the Palestinian call for boycott, divestment and sanctions (BDS) against The State of Israel and Israeli institutions. Our support stems from our collective decades of animal and human rights defence in Palestine and Israel. 

As we boycott animal-based products and advocate for the divestment from, and sanctions of corporations and institutions that abuse and slaughter animals, out of a deep belief in justice for all living things and desire to avoid participation and complicity in violence and abuse; It is the same belief in justice and resistance to violence and abuse that lead us to take action against the institutions and corporations that bear a financial, legal, and moral responsibility for Israel's criminal apartheid system, military occupation, and ethnic cleansing of the indigenous Palestinian people.

As Israeli animal liberation advocates, at a time when our own government systematically oppresses the indigenous Palestinian people, we refuse to stay silent on either issue. It is twice as disheartening when one struggle for liberation is exploited to erase the other. We write to you to ask that you cancel your participation in Vegan Friendly's Vegan Health Conference. Please allow us to explain.

Each and every one of the sponsors of this conference is complicit in Israel's brutal military occupation and settler colonialism in one way or another; selling its products in supermarkets in Israeli settlements in the Palestinian occupied territories (OPT), operating its own supermarkets in the OPT, obtaining its produce- animal or otherwise- from farms in the OPT, producing products in Israeli factories in the OPT, selling its products to a captive Palestinian market, providing services to Israel's occupying army, and some companies even being owned by Israeli settlements:

  1. Tnuva
  2. Shufersal
  3. Mashu Mashu (this list in Hebrew of the company's product distribution and includes a dozen settlements.)
  4. Ecossup (you can see clearly in this map how the company's products are distributed in Israel's settlements inside the occupied West Bank)
  5. Soglowek (A Hebrew Wikipedia article specifying the company's services to Israeli military bases)
  6. Wyler Farm - Rural health Ltd. (The company works with Strauss (Hebrew), which is also complicit in Israel's settlement industries. They also work with Nizat Haduvdevan (Hebrew), who have branches in several settlements (Hebrew))

There is strong evidence to suggest that Israel's colonial projects are increasing animal product consumption in the area. Israel is the second largest meat consuming country in the Middle East (second only to Kuwait), and the first in the OECD, and greatly influences local markets, land uses, and the workforce of the captive Palestinian economy.

We, as activists involved in the intersectional struggles of animal and human liberation, ask that vegans boycott corporations complicit in Israel's war crimes, so they may not be exploited for the purpose of whitewashing Israel's violations of indigenous, civil, and human rights of the Palestinian people.
While Israeli vegans enjoy the privilege of your wisdom, Palestinian vegans are under Israel's brutalities, and are prevented from attending your talks. As moral role models of ethical choice making, we hope you rethink your participation in this conference. 

Israeli Vegans Against Apartheid
Oshra Bar
Lilach Ben David
Or Ben David
Haim Beresheeth
Shiri Eizner
Tsipi Erann
Nadav Franckovich
Daniela Frueind
Prof. Rachel Giora
Tair Kaminer
Iris Stern Levi
Dr. Anat Matar
Yossef Mekyton
Ofer Neiman
Oran Aharon Nisim
Shai Carmeli Pollak
Rhone Rabin
Eran Razgur
Michal Sapir
Haim Schwarczenberg
Ayala Shani
Tali Shapiro
Dr. Roy Wagner
Dana Yair
Karen Zack