From Israeli citizens to University of Michigan - The right to free speech

October 2018

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Dear University of Michigan regents,

We are writing to you from Israel in the name of a group which numbers over 500 Israeli citizens.

We are concerned about the disciplinary action against prof. John
Cheney-Lippold and in light of that, about potential repercussions for graduate student Lucy Peterson. Both Peterson and Cheney-Lippold have taken a principled stand, which is asserted by an increasing number of their colleagues and should also be adopted on institutional levels, if an institution is to act ethically.

Despite the willful distortion of their position by various detractors, the two are clear and consistent: They refuse to provide services to institutions that are complicit in Israel’s belligerent military occupation over the indigenous Palestinian population, and their intent is not to penalize the students for their choices.

This complicity is easily demonstrated. In fact, it is hard to read an annual report of an Israeli university without seeing its pride in the service which it provides to the Israeli army or other arms of the Israeli security complex. It is equally hard to read an annual report of a credible human rights organization about the Middle East and not see the meaning of such cooperation.

We therefore call on the University of Michigan to protect its faculty and students from political persecution, and not to take part in it. Cheney-Lippold and Peterson deserve respect and are entitled to protection by the university.


Boycott! Supporting the Palestinian BDS Call from Within
(aka Boycott from Within)