From Israeli citizens to Ivan Smagghe

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September 2018

Dear Ivan Smagghe,

We are a group of Israeli citizens who support BDS.

We have already sent you a letter 
(, asking you not to take part in the Meteor Festival, which is used by the State of Israel to market itself as a "cool multicultural democracy".

We were disappointed to read your recent note, which, in our opinion does not address the heart of the matter.

In your note, you argue that you understand the situation here. However, your use of the claim that some Israelis (your "friends") are opposed to the Israeli government in order to justify a performance here, is wrong. We hear this argument a lot. While it's true that such Israelis exists (we're some of them), the opposition on the ground within Israel to Israel's ongoing war crimes is very small.

The BDS campaign to end apartheid in South Africa is considered very justifiable. Yet some whites in South Africa were opposed to the apartheid regime.

There is no contradiction here. Israeli citizens who stand in full solidarity with the Palestinian people should have no problem in justifying the nonviolent, democratic, grassroots BDS campaign to end Israel's atrocities. BDS was effective in South Africa, and white anti-apartheid activists in South Africa supported this campaign.

We hope you understand that the BDS campaign does not target individuals, but its goal is to end the belligerent military occupation and apartheid regime of the State of Israel.

We would like to cite a courageous moral statement by Of Montreal, who have canceled their performance at the Meteor Festival:
To ignore the call to stand up in support of an oppressed group of humans is one of the worst things one can do."

We hope you reconsider your decision, and cancel your show at the Meteor Festival. 

Boycott from Within (Israeli citizens for BDS)