Israeli citizens thank Lana Del Rey for canceling Meteor Festival concert


September 2018,

Dear Elizabeth,

We would like to thank you for cancelling your participation at the Meteor Festival in Israel.

Now more than ever, supporting the Palestinian Civil society’s call for BDS and not taking part in Apartheid is a huge step towards ending injustice.

Thank you for not letting the Israeli government use you as a pawn by using art to whitewash severe military occupation, apartheid and ethnic cleansing Israel is imposing on the Palestinians.

In your statement on Twitter you said that you would like to perform in both Israel and Palestine, and that you should treat your fans equally. We would just like to remind you that in times of oppression and in an apartheid regime, both sides are never equal, and will never be equal. In order for full equality to be achieved, Israel’s apartheid must end.

We hope more people will follow in your footsteps, and more artists will stand on the right side of history and cancel their participation at the Meteor Festival in Israel. Together, we can create a just and humane society for all.

Boycott! Supporting the Palestinian BDS call from within