Israeli citizens opposed to HB2617 in Arizona


February 2016

Israeli citizens opposed to HB2617 in Arizona

Dear members of the Arizona legislature.

We are a group of Israelis who support the Palestinian call for a
Boycott Sanctions and Divestment (BDS) to pressure Israel to respect
Palestinian rights. We do so because, we have witnessed for years
Israel's continued disregard of International law and the Geneva
conventions amongst others. We have come to the realization that it will
require international pressure to convince Israel to reform.

Like us, a growing number of people around the world have come to the
same realization and are calling for BDS and implementing it themselves.
In the United States these actions are part of the tradition of popular
consumer boycotts. From African Americans in Selma to grape pickers in
California, boycotts have been a key element in democratizing the United
States.  Like their American counterparts, Palestinians are also asking
the world to support their quest for justice.

We were disappointed to hear that instead of supporting efforts to win
justice and rights for Palestinians the Arizona legislators are
considering hampering these efforts. This would be a very unfortunate
decision if it comes to pass. For Palestinians who will see this as a
sign of disinterest in their plight under continued Israeli occupation;
for Israelis such as us, who are doing our best to resist our government
punitive and destructive policy towards Palestinian; and for those who
support this proposal who would be taking a strong stand AGAINST human
rights and justice.

We therefore urge you to reject the proposal to restrict the rights of
Arizonians to express themselves and advocate for justice.


Boycott! Supporting the Palestinian BDS Call from Within