Renen Raz writes to Dream Theater

Dear Dream Theatre,

I am an Israeli citizen supporting the Palestinian call for boycott divestment and sanctions (BDS) of Israel.

I'm writing to you because I'm compelled to act in solidarity with my Palestinian friends, who are living under Israeli occupation and apartheid.

As you may or may not know, the situation in the occupied Palestinian territories is intolerable:

- Gaza is still under closure and siege.

- My friends from the villages and towns in the West bank are not equal me before the Israeli law (I enjoy citizen rights, they face military laws).

- The apartheid wall built on private land denies Palestinians their livelihood, prevents them from moving freely, and even denies them the ability to cultivate their own land, on which they are dependent for food, income, and support for their kids.

When I was younger, I really loved your music. When I was sad I used to listen to songs like “Another day”, which gave me hope, inspiring me to take action for making things better in my life.

please read about our group's BDS campaign here in Israel at, and reconsider the decision to perform in Israel,thus granting "business as usual" legitimacy to its systematic violence against the Palestinians.

Remember my Palestinian friends who are living under Israeli military occupation will not be able to attend your show because they are not permitted to enter Israel!

Please don't collaborate with oppression and racism.

Please don't play for apartheid.

Please choose justice for us all.

My friends and I at the Israeli BDS activism group will gladly address any comments or questions you may have.


Renen Raz


As Israeli citizens who support the Palestinian civil society's BDS call, we would like to endorse Renen's letter !

Oshra Bar
Adi Dagan
Prof. Rachel Giora
Iris Hefets
Shir Hever
Liad Kantorowicz
Assaf Kintzer
Edo Medicks
Ofer Neiman
Leehee Rothschild
Edo Konrad
Dorothy Nao
Tal Shapira

on behalf of