Renee Fleming, a performance at 'Binyanei Hauma' will legitimize apartheid and the construction of settlements on occupied land!

Dear Renee Fleming,
We are a group of Israeli citizens. We would like to inform you of a few important details.

The venue which has been selected for your concert in Jerusalem, Binyanei Hauma, is owned by the Jewish Agency and the Jerusalem municipality ( 

The Jewish Agency has been a key player in Israel's violent colonization project throughout the occupied West Bank ( 

The Jerusalem Municipality is a racist authority which demolishes Palestinian homes in East Jerusalem, and severely discriminates against Jerusalem's Palestinian population (

A performance by prominent international artists like you serves to whitewash the Jewish Agency and the Jerusalem Municipality's complicity in severe violations of human rights and international law, and legitimize its wrongful conduct.

Moreover, Palestinian fans of classical music living under Israeli military occupation will not be allowed to come to any venue in Jerusalem and enjoy your performance!

Palestinian civil society has called for a boycott, divestment and sanctions (BDS) campaign against Israel's policies of apartheid, racism and occupation.  
In view of these details, should you, as a conscientious artist, perform at Binyanei Hauma, and in Jerusalem, under such circumstances?
Please feel free to read more about all this on the Israeli BDS group's website:
and contact the group with any questions or comments you may have, at:
Boycott! Supporting the Palestinian BDS Call from within (BfW)