Ms. Geoghegan-Quinn: Please Don't Arm Us!

To Ireland's EU commissioner, Máire Geoghegan-Quinn,
We are a group of concerned Israeli citizens. In Israel much of our taxes are allocated to “security”. We choose to put the word in quotes, because what our hard earned money is actually used for is an inflation of our military power over a helpless population of civilians. But its not only our money that enables this horrific military reign over the Palestinians, in fact, that is only a small piece of the military expenditure pie. This inflation of military force is also and due to the billions of dollars of so-called “aid” from powerful entities around the world, such as the US and- as you very well know- the EU.

We write to you today, because of the two current multi-million Euro technology grants awaiting your approval. As your spokesperson confirmed when he spoke to Tribune-News, you are aware of the likelihood that these grants will be diverted to military research channels. Your spokesperson stated that it may be done “directly or indirectly”. [1] We insist that there is no difference. The two grants are to go to Israel Aerospace Industries (IAI). IAI has historically been, and presently is, inseparable from the Israeli government, providing it with the tools to physically execute its oppressive, often lethal policies against a civilian population. In its own words “IAI's development has paralleled that of the State of Israel and the Company has been privileged to play a substantial role in the industrial, technological and economic progress of the country and its national security.” [2]

Another company that will benefit from these grants is Afcon:

“...a supplier of metal detectors to military checkpoints in the occupied Palestinian territories, including the Erez crossing between southern Israel and Gaza. Afcon was also awarded a contract in 2008 for installing a security system in a light rail project designed to connect illegal Israeli settlements in East Jerusalem with the city centre.” [1]

You have in your hands the opportunity - and therefore the responsibility- to prevent disaster and help ease the lives of over a million people, already suffering from the result of former funding of Israel’s military oppression. Please take a step to promote peace, human rights, and moral accountability. Please do not arm Israel!