Do Not Support Israeli Ethnocracy!

We, Palestinians, Jews, citizens and residents of Israel, struggling to end the occupation and oppression of the Palestinians are distressed to learn that a gala is to be held for Israel in Stockholm, celebrating “the Israeli democracy”.

Everyday we witness that “Israeli democracy” is in fact an ethnocracy. Arab citizens of Israel are discriminated against in every aspect of their lives. We witness Israeli soldiers returning home from serving in Gaza and the West Bank, breaking the silence and testifying to the atrocities they themselves have committed against Palestinians in the occupied territories. We witness the walls and fences that the Israeli government is building, imprisoning a whole population - the Palestinians.

We watch Israel serving as a tool of oppression on a daily basis, promoting the violent dispossession and repression of Palestinians through systematic breaches of International Law, violations of basic human rights and crimes against humanity.

This is not a time for celebrations. This is a time for justice.

We therefore urge you not to lend your countenance to the Israeli occupation state of today; support instead what many Israelis and Palestinians are working to build together as equals, and be our partners in the shared struggle for freedom throughout this land.
Merav Amir
Iris Bar, Haifa
Yoav Bar, Haifa 
Prof. Yoram Bar Haim
Ronnie Barkan
Dr. Dalit Baum
Eitan Bronstein
Shai Carmeli Pollak
Naama Farjoun
Prof. Rachel Giora
Neta Golan
Iris Hefets
Samieh Jabbarin
Yael Lerer
Edo Medicks
Rela Mazali
Dr. Dorothy Naor
Ofer Neiman
Dr. David Nir
Jonathan Pollak
Deb Reich
Ayala Shani
Tal Shapira
Yonatan Shapira
Dr. Kobi Snitz
Kerstin Sodergren
Jonatan Stanczak
Tirtza Tauber
Elian Weizman
Michal Zak
BOYCOTT! Supporting the Palestinian BDS call from within