Dear Deputy Minister Ebrahim: Putting Pressure on Israel is Long Overdue

Dear Deputy Minister Ebrahim,

 We are a group of Israelis who, like the majority of people around the world, are horrified by the actions and policies of our government. We support Palestinian civil society's call for boycott, divestment and sanctions (BDS) against the Israeli government and Israeli institutions.

A single example might suffice to make the point as to why we hold these views. As you might know the Israeli 'civil administration' (which means military rule) of the West Bank recently ordered the  demolition of several Palestinian villages in the South Hebron Hills area. This is the latest step in a continuing policy of what European Union representatives call "forced transfer of Palestinians"

For the residents of one of the threatened villages, 'Susia', this would be the second time they are being uprooted from their village. The Palestinians who refused to be ethnically cleansed returned to live in tents on their lands while a richly subsidized settlement was being constructed in front of them. Still unsatisfied, the settlers continue to grab more Palestinian land and terrorize the inhabitants.

This policy amply demonstrates Israel's contempt for Palestinian human rights
and for world opinion. Furthermore, in more than 20 years since Israel was
pressured to negotiate with the Palestinians, it has used the time to literally
cement its occupation and accelerate the theft of Palestinian land. In light of
all of this we strongly believe that putting pressure on Israel is long overdue.
We have been working tirelessly to resist our government's policies but unfortunately,
it seems determined to ignore us as well as the rest of the world's
pleas. This is why we have been asking people around the world to help us
by using the only available means of changing the policies of this government. We
support your call and ask South Africans to let the Israeli government know
that its occupation and dispossession of Palestinians is unacceptable.
Refraining from visiting Israel and visiting Palestinians instead is one of many ways in which people can
express their solidarity with Palestinians and we urge them to do so.

Sincerely, Boycott from Within.