From Israeli citizens to FIFA: Show Israel the red card now!

May 2015

To whom it may concern,

We are Israeli citizens, active against our government's policies of racism, occupation, and apartheid. As the FIFA Congress gets underway, we would like to state clearly: Israeli apartheid, just like South African apartheid at the time, has no place in international football!  

Our government's crimes against the Palestinian people are continuous. The Israeli football Association (IFA) is a state sponsored institution, and moreover, it is directly complicit in these crimes.

Numerous reports have documented the way in which Israel destroys the lives of Palestinian athletes and their sports infrastructure. We also know that Israel allows teams from the illegal Israeli settlements in the occupied West Bank to participate in its leagues.

Israeli analysts concede that pressure is required in order to change the horrible reality which we are witnessing here.

For example, Israeli journalist, Gideon Levy observes: "A soccer ban doesn’t kill anyone. A boycott spills no blood. It is a legitimate weapon to establish justice and apply international law."


Uzi Dann, international sports editor of Israeli newspaper Ha’aretz said on 18 April 2014:From my experience, only threats and pressure will force the Israeli government to take action”. (

The time has come for our government to stop bombing stadiums, detaining footballers, shooting players, and annexing Israeli settlements to its sports leagues.

As Israeli citizens, we are calling on you: Show Israel the red card now!

Sincerely, on behalf of Boycott! Supporting the Palestinian BDS Call from Within (

Noa Abend

Ronnie Barkan

Ofra Ben-Artzi

Dr. Uri Davis

Eran Efrati

Rami Elhanan

Shir Hever

Dr. Anat Matar

Ofer Neiman

Herzl Schubert

Yonatan Shapira

Prof. Eyal Sivan - filmmaker

Amir Terkel

Roni Terkel

Sahar Vardi

Maya Wind