A Support Letter to Faithless


Dear members of Faithless.

We are writing to express our appreciation and gratitude for your recently announced decision NOT to schedule any concerts in Israel in the foreseeable future.

We appreciate the courage it takes to make such a declaration rather than just join the silent boycott as many others seem to be doing. We are also aware that the decision was probably not an easy one for the group to arrive at and therefore would like to congratulate you on this decision. As activists from and within Israel, we have joined the Palestinian call for BDS and believe strongly that any engagement with Israel on a “business as usual” basis is a boost for the Israeli unjustifiable policies.

It seems you do not require further descriptions of the appalling apartheid system that is being established in Israel/Palestine, though might we suggest that a concert in Palestine might be a way to express your support for the Palestinian struggle for justice and freedom, give Palestinians a chance to enjoy your music and would probably also prove an unforgettable experience.

Of course we are all awaiting the day that we could invite you to celebrate the end of the occupation and oppression. We hope, one day, to attend your concert - Israelis and Palestinians, as one, as free and equal citizens.


Naama Farjoun, Jerusalem
Ofer Neiman, Jerusalem
Tamar Yaron
Ronnie Barkan

On behalf of “BOYCOTT! Supporting the Palestinian BDS call from within”