A letter from an Israeli fan to LCD Soundsystem

LCD Soundsystem are a great band. Their song All My Friends was selected as 2007's song of the year on my favorite music show, Hakatze (broadcast on the Israeli military radio station, by the way...)
It will be great to have artists such as LCD Soundsystem perform here after Israel's policies of violent siege, land grab, apartheid and racism come to an end. Until that day, there is no reason why they should come here and entertain privileged Israelis in Tel-Aviv: The overwhelming majority of the audience will be people who do nothing against Israel's human rights violations, or worse than that, people who support these acts (more than 90% of Jewish Israeli citizens supported operation Cast Lead and the flotilla raid). 

Palestinians live under a brutal Israeli occupation just under our collective Israeli nose. The inhabitants of the Palestinian village of Bilin are being denied the right to go to Tel-Aviv and enjoy gigs by international musicians. Now is not the time to promote a false "business as usual" atmosphere in Israel.
Let us hope LCS Soundsystem decide to do the right thing: not to cross the international BDS picket line.
Ofer Neiman
Supporter of the BDS movement