We, Palestinians, Jews, citizens of Israel, join the Palestinian call for a BDS campaign against Israel, inspired by the struggle of South Africans against apartheid. We also call on others to do the same.
We are devoted to the promotion of just peace and true democracy in this region. We are particularly opposed to Western governments' decision to boycott the Palestinians in the Occupied Palestinian Territories, most especially in besieged Gaza. This is particularly outrageous given the same Western governments' prolonged support of Israel's apartheid and other daily violations of international law.

22/06/10 / Statement
June 22, 2010 Dear members of the dock workers union in Sweden,   We have heard of your decision to initiate a blockade against all Israeli transfers to and from Swedish harbors between the 23rd-29th of June, 2010. As Israeli citizens and residents, we are aware of the message these actions send to the Israeli society. Israelis who have so far lived in a bubble disassociated from the way they are perceived by the world outside will not be able to ignore this protest. For too long Israel has been treated by the outside world in a way that has allowed it to ignore international law in a most dangerous way, to both the Palestinians, to itself and citizens, and to the area as a whole. This continuous failure of the outside world to question Israeli policies has allowed Israelis to view the practices of its government as legitimate. Hopefully, actions such as yours, which profile Israel together with other non-democracies with fascist and racist agendas, will function as a wake-up call. Facts reported by a recent article in the Israeli paper Maariv give us hope that we are getting close to achieving just that. 
06/06/10 / Statement
June 6, 2010 Boycott! praises The Pixies for their decision to cancel their concert in Tel-Aviv, Israel, following Israel's brutal raid on the recent Freedom Flotilla and its massacre on the Mavi Marmara ship. This attack and its maintaining of the life-costing and illegal siege on Gaza has demonstrated once more what we've stated in our appeal to the Pixies three months ago - that an attitude of “business as usual” to Israel is indeed lethal.
06/06/10 / Action Alerts
 June 4, 2010 We are Israeli citizens and residents, Palestinians and Jews. We work in our society to raise the voices of conscience and dissent in light of the hostility, self-righteousness and racism which dominate it, but these efforts are not sufficient. In the wake of our government's deadly attack on the Free Gaza aid ships, including the MV Marmara, and due to the continued cruel and illegitimate Israeli siege on the Gaza strip - we call on the world's governments and civil society organizations to take concrete and immediate steps in pressuring Israel to refrain from interfering with the ship MV Rachel Corrie, currently on route to Gaza, or any future vessel, sailing from international waters to the waters of the besieged Gaza strip.
23/05/10 / Statement
Open letter, various undersigned, 7 May 2010The following letter was issued by a coalition of organizations calling on author Amitav Ghosh to decline the Dan David prize administered by Tel Aviv University, to be awarded on 9 May:  Boycott Israel? Amitav Ghosh & the Dan David Prize Dear Amitav Ghosh,
17/05/10 / Campaigns
OPEN LETTER  March 30, 2010   Dear Margaret Atwood, Amitav Ghosh,  
12/05/10 / Statement
  Dear Gil,   We are members of an Israeli group called Boycott! which supports the Palestinian unified call for boycott divestment and sanctions(BDS) from Israel. We are appealing to you because of the respect we have for the work you have done for peace which has also inspired others to do the same.
12/05/10 / Campaigns
Margaret Atwood received open letters from various groups, including BOYCOTT!, VTJP, PSCABI AND PACBI. She had written back to an individual from VTJP, Kathy Shapiro.
07/05/10 / Statement
Dear Gil Scott-Heron, The undersigned artists and organizations would like to commend your principled stance on Israeli apartheid. By announcing the cancellation of your scheduled performance in Israel, you join the growing ranks of artists of conscience in solidarity with Palestinian civil society. As you recognized in your iconic anti-Apartheid anthem “Johannesburg,” when “brothers over there are defyin’ the man…they need to know we’re on their side.”
04/05/10 / General
What follows is an open letter to the Boston Museum of Science by leading scholars objecting to the museum's sponsorship of an Israeli propaganda effort: We, the undersigned group of scientists concerned with human dignity and equality, condemn the Museum of Science’s decision to co-sponsor and host “Israeli Innovation Weekend” (IIW) on May 2. 
01/05/10 / Statement
 April 25, 2010 Association for Solidarity with the Palestinian People - Intifada   Dear supporters of the Palestinian resistance against the Israeli occupation, We are of citizens and residents of Israel, members of BOYCOTT! Supporting the Palestinian BDS call from within, who are struggling to end the Israeli occupation and oppression of the Palestinians. We are writing to you in order to support your courageous appeal to Greek musician, Demis Roussos (who is scheduled to hold a concert in Tel Aviv on the 6th of May 20101) to refrain from performing in Israel until it abides by international law, ends the occupation of the Palestinian territory, and stops treating its own Palestinian citizens with institutionalized discrimination.2